Special Coatings, quality materials
Major projects, great materials
We deliver throughout Europe

Large selection of decorative panels both interiors as well as exteriors designed for professionals, projects, decorators. Ideal to decorate hotels, shopping centres, restaurants, unique stores and all types of businesses or dwellings.


Innovation and quality
Interior and exterior
Easy to install
Translucent designs
Flexible and sturdy
Lightweight and user-friendly

Flexible STONE Panels

High-end decor
100% Ecological
Original volumetric effects
Lightweight and easy to install

3D Decorative Wal and Ceiling Panels

Resistant to temperature changes
Suitable for exteriors
Do not propagate fire

Perfect decorative element
Easy to install
Warm and natural decor

Wood Panels

Pieces of wood of different thickness creating a rustic and very decorative relief.

Easy to install

One of our latest innovations


Our Objective

We're passionate about space design and in this project we put our heart and soul in passing on to other companies all the options available when decorating a new space, whether upgrading or converting same in a simple straightforward manner.

Our criteria when selecting a material to be part of our portfolio is very clear: innovative, state-of-the-art materials, easy and quick installation, with quality assurance.

On this website we offer a wide range of decorative panels for walls and ceilings, both interior and exterior, which can be delivered for your projects, whether large project works or small spaces. Delivering in record time anywhere in Europe from our warehouses located in Spain.

If you can't find the type of material that you're looking for at WallCoveringsGroup we'll find it for you under the best terms and conditions and with every guarantee. Our experience and know-how in the wall coverings world enables us to have an extensive portfolio of trusted suppliers who can manufacture custom-made projects for our clients..

Rubén Solbes / CEO Wall Coverings Group

Our Decorative Panels